Streetcar MKE Streetcar "The HOP": where does it go?

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The Milwaukee Streetcar Takes You* To...

City Hall and Shank Hall,
The Shake Shack and The Smoke Shack,
Cathedral Square and Zeidler Square,
The Public Market and Metro Market,
The Intermodal Station and Juneau Station,
Downtown, Westown, East Town, and the Third Ward,
The Soup House, The Ale House, The Safe House, The Court House (Federal), and The Dogg Haus,
All Saints and The Wicked Hop, and

Cleopatra's Wedge,
County Clare,
The Buffalo Spiral,
The Mexican Consulate,
The Milwaukee River,
The Bronze Fonz,
Deep 13,
Bugsy's, Elsa's, Flannery's, Gouda's, Monica's, Taylor's, and

A Middle School, two High Schools, and a University,
Two National Historic Landmarks,
Two Full-Service Grocery Stores,
Two US Post Offices,
Two+ Athletic Clubs,
Two+ Museums,
Five Historic Districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places,
Six historic buildings designed by Edward Townsend Mix,
Seven+ Parks,
Seven bublrbike stations,
Nine houses of worship,
Ten live performance spaces including theaters, a concert hall, cabaret, outdoor pavilion, and live music halls (in addition to the live music performed in bars or restaurants),
Ten Banks,
Eleven Hotels,
Dozens of MCTS Bus stops,
32 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places,
51 building along the route which are each over 30 meters (about 100) feet tall.
and more bars, eateries, apartments, condos, and offices than you can shake a stick at.

You can see an accountant, actor, administrator, advertiser, architect, archivist, artist, baker, banker, barber, butcher, barista, bartender, bus driver, business owner, chef, clerk, client, concierge, cook, cosmetologist, counselor, curator, dancer, dentist, designer, director, doctor, editor, elected official, employer, engineer, executive director, friend, historian, hoperator (Hop streetcar operator), hotelier, insurance agent, journalist, hair dresser, lawyer, librarian, marketer, mixologist, musician, nurse, oenologist, office temp, pastor, poet, politician, photographer, physical therapist, priest, professor, property manager, psychologist, real estate agent, salesperson, server, singer, spy, software developer, sound engineer, streetcar operator, student, tailor, teacher, train conductor, Web designer, publisher, writer, vendor, veterinarian, and videographer.

You can buy beer, bikes, books, cellphones, cheese, chili, clothing, coffee, computers, copies, eyeglasses, furniture, groceries, jewelry, motorcycles, rugs, spices, shampoo, soup, souvenirs, tea, motorized bicycles, olive oil, paintings, photographs, art, watches, wine, and more.

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Burns Commons

Hop Stop: Burns Commons (terminus)

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