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NYCNew York City Books

item image Streetwise Manhattan*excellent*
Very useful as a quick reference guide to the island. I've used this Streetwise map many times, and it has helped me by showing subway stops, cross streets, main buildings, major landmarks, and other features in a easy-to-open and read format that I could refer to quickly and discreetly. Also get the Streetwise Transitwise Map, a laminated New York Metropolitan Commuter Rail Map with LIRR, NYC subway, NJ transit, path trains & Amtrak.
item imageNot For Tourists Guide to New York City
This is a compact directory of all things NYC: maps and graphics, as well as listings of services, restaurants, shops, schools, entertainment venues, public transportation, parks, and more.
item imageFodor's New York City (Fodor's Gold Guides)
by Fodor's
Get the scoop from local writers on hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities.
item imageDowntown: My Manhattan
by Pete Hamill
The story of Manhattan from a Brooklyn-born journalist and novelist. Tells the story of riots, celebrations, constructions, heroes, and memories crowding the island for centuries.
item imageArthur Schwartz's New York City Food: An Opinionated History and More Than 100 Legendary Recipes
by Arthur Schwartz, Chris Callis (Photographer)
Gastronomic expertise on the culinary foundations of the city plus recipes: Manhattan Clam Chowder, Eggs Benedict, Lindy's cheesecake, Lobster Newburg, etc.
item imageNew York City 5 Borough Atlas: Laminated (Hagstrom)
by Hagstrom Map Company
All the streets in all the boroughs in all their splendor. Why do I recommend laminated maps? Wait until you get to NYC--you'll wish you had laminated yourself!
item imageNew York: Then and Now
by Annette Witheridge
Seventy modern color photographs are compared side-by-side with seventy archival photographs from the 1850's to 1950's. Includes famous vistas, landmarks, and neighborhoods.
item imageEyewitness Travel Guide to New York
by Eleanor Berman
Delight in this sumptous visual presentation of New York's famed attractions.
item imageAccess New York City
Travel guide organized by neighborhoods; discover the best hotels, restaurants, attractions, shopping, parks, and outdoor spaces.
item imageMichelin Green Guide New York City
An excellent, compact, and concise guide to NYC sights and attractions. Includes colorful maps and photographs and excellent itineraries for the visitor.
item imageNew York*excellent*
(7 Episode PBS Boxed Set of DVDs) A film by Ric Burns. This series offers fourteen hours chronicling the history of New York from its beginning in 1609 as a Dutch trading post, through the turbulent years in the decades following World War II, to the end of the 20th century and the city's status as one of the most important and influential cities in the world.
item imageIn Memoriam--New York City, 9/11/01
Follows Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and his staff through the day of 9/11/2001 and its aftermath.
item imageThe World Trade Center: A Tribute
by Bill Harris
A tribute to the World Trade Center covering the history and architecture of the buildings and the lower Manhattan neighborhood where they stood with over 80 full-color photographs.
item imageDown 42nd Street: Sex, Money, Culture, and Politics at the Crossroads of the World
by Marc Eliot
New York Times biographer Marc Eliot covers the life and times of New York's 42nd Street and documents the cultural impact it has had on New York City and the world.
item imageI Shot New York
by Ralph Ginzburg (Photographer), Shoshana Ginzburg, George Plimpton
item imageNew York from the Air
by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (Photographer), John Tauranac
item imageManhattan Unfurled
by Matteo Pericoli
This author photographed the whole of New York’s shoreline profile from Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and New Jersey (which he reached by motorcycle) and made two continuous pen-and-ink drawings of Manhattan’s skyline.
item imageManhattan Shores: An Expedition Around Manhattan Island
by Laura Rosen
Eddie's New York City Cheese Pizza
Handmade, fully baked with 8 large slices

NYCNew York City Maps

These excellent, laminated maps show a pedestrian-oriented view of city features and attractions. I have used Streetwise maps for years in cities around the world, and the Streetwise Manhattan map extensively in NYC. You can fold and unfold these maps discreetly and avoid looking too much like a tourist. These maps have been the best souvenir and most enduring guide to the places I've visited. If you travel to NYC, consider getting these maps:
item imageStreetwise Manhattan*excellent*
item imageStreetwise Transitwise Map Laminated New York Metropolitan Commuter Rail Map - Folding pocket size travel map with LIRR, NYC subway, NJ transit, path trains & Amtrak
item imageStreetwise Manhattan Bus Subway Map Laminated Subway Map of New York City
item imageStreetwise Central Park
item imageStreetwise Midtown Manhattan
item imageStreetwise Greenwich Village Map
item imageStreetwise Downtown Manhattan
item imageStreetwise Address Map (Manhattan)
item imageStreetwise The Bronx
by Michael E. Brown
item imageStreetwise Queens
by Michael E. Brown
item imageStreetwise Brooklyn
by Michael E. Brown
item imageStreetwise NY, NJ Metro Road Map

NYCNew York City Magazines

item imageNew York: covers entertainment, shopping, and events.
item imageThe New Yorker: weekly magazine with political and business coverage, social commentary, fiction, humor, art, poetry, and criticism.
item imageThe New York Observer: guide to New York City and its environs; criticism, analysis, and opinionated insight on the arts and industries.
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