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In researching information for People Places, I realize that I am far from alone. On the Links page, I list major portals that approach one or more specific issues in depth. Here, I list Web sites that articulate similar ideas as my site. Of course, there are many more Web sites that share these concerns, but I'll list sites that represent a point of view well and which have useful content that helps shed light on the People Places topics of concern.
An urban thinker working to foster places that are great for human living.
Dover, Kohl & Partners
A town planning firm that illustrates its design philosophy in terms of a comparisons to help people think about living preferences.
Urban Advantage
A company that creates images communicating the advantage of "friendly, socially-interactive communities." These images are dramatic and fascinating, and show how an automobile-oriented, pedestrian-unfriendly place can be transformed to one more attuned to pedestrians.
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