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SeattleSeattle Books

Purchase on Amazon Best Places Seattle (Paperback)
by Monica Fischer
"This best-selling guide, substantially updated for this edition, contains all the information locals or visitors need to maximize their experience of Seattle. Candid, trustworthy advice on where to dine (with 4-star rating system), stay, and play is included, along with 300+ shopping reviews and profiles of three-day getaways. A simple icon system highlights bargain, family-friendly, romantic, and uniquely Seattle spots, while witty sidebars devoted to everything from taco trucks to spas to the gay scene reflect the quirkiness of America's own Emerald City." --from the Product Description.
Purchase on Amazon Seattle (City Guide) (Paperback)
by Becky Ohlse
"Discover Seattle! Get the view of your dreams from the charmingly retro Space Needle, search for the troll in Fremont and find more oddities than you bargained for, dig out your leathers and be one of the cool kids in Georgetown, and try a slice of cherry pie and discover the Salish Lodge's cult-TV connection. In This Guide: More than 1000 hours of research by our Seattle-loving author, from beer-tasting to bed-testing; Where to eat, drink, shop and stay, or play pinball; Only guidebook to include a dedicated Moving to Seattle chapter - with tips from residents." --from the Product Description.
item imageStreetwise Seattle*excellent*
This excellent, laminated map shows a pedestrian-oriented view of city features and attractions. I have used Streetwise maps for years in cities around the world and this one extensively in Seattle. These maps have been the best souvenir and most enduring guide to the places I've visited. If you travel to Seattle, get this map.
item imageThe Seattle Neighborhood Map
by Big Stick, Inc
See Seattle neighborhoods hand-drawn in color on a map!
item imageWalking Seattle (FalconGuide)*excellent*
by John Owen
This excellent guide outlines walking tours through Seattle's many pedestrian-accessible environments with clear maps and cogent descriptions. I used this book to plan many walks.
item imageWild Seattle: A Celebration of the Natural Areas in and Around the City
by Terry Donnelly, Mary Liz Austin, Timothy Egan, Doug Scott
Covers the biota found within a 90 minute's drive from downtown, including: Schmitz and Discovery Parks, Puget Sound islands, the Olympic Peninsula, Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. 131 photos.
item imagePike Place Market Cookbook: Recipes, Anecdotes, and Personalities from Seattle's Renowned Public Market
by Braiden Rex-Johnson, Tom Douglas
One hundred and fifty recipes, profiles of businesses, and anecdotes. The food is for sale, too.
item imageNewcomer's Handbook for Seattle
by Monica Fischer, Amy Bellamy
Also includes Bellevue, Redmond, Everett, and Tacoma.
item imageSeattle Then and Now
by James Madison Collins
Seattle's cityscapes and history revealed in photographs.
item imageSeattle City Walks: Exploring Seattle Neighborhoods on Foot
by Laura Karlinsey, Sherri Schultz
A compendium of interesting walks into the heart of Seattle's neighborhoods. Good maps and photos.
item imageSkid Road: An Informal Portrait of Seattle
by Murray Cromwell, Morgan, Murry Morgan
Not a formal history book, but a vivid retelling of stories about the characters that made Seattle.
item imageThe Food Lover's Guide to Seattle
by Katy Calcott
item imageThe Good Rain: Across Time and Terrain in the Pacific Northwest (Vintage Departures)
by Timothy Egan
item imageJackson Street After Hours: The Roots of Jazz in Seattle
by Paul De Barros, Eduardo Calderon (Photographer)
item imageDoc Maynard: the man who invented Seattle
by William C. Speidel
item imageLoser: The Real Seattle Music Story (Updated Second Edition)
by Clark Humphrey, Art Chantry (Photographer)
Seattle's music scene from the 1960's to the grunge craze.
item imageTom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen
by Tom Douglas, Denis Kelly, Shelley Lance, Duskie Estes
item imageOut and About Seattle With Kids: The Ultimate Family Guide for Fun and Learning
by Ann Bergman, Stephanie Dimmewind, Stephanie Dunnewind
item imageAbove Seattle
by Emmett Watson, Robert W. Cameron (Photographer)
item imageBeautiful America's Seattle
by Cheryl Landes, Terry Donnelly (Photographer), Rick Morley (Photographer)
item imageLive In Seattle
Dennis Cahill, Martin Hayes
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