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UPUpper Peninsula of Michigan Books

Purchase on Amazon Hunts' Map Guide to Michigan's Upper Peninsula
by Mary and Don Hunt (Author), Mimi Bruder (Editor)
A laminated map showing all the UP in all its glory! Packed with information, this map guides you to main attractions, restaurants, shops, features, and sights that are off the beaten track, out-of-the-mainstream, and interesting. The flip side shows detailed maps of the major UP metropolitan areas with local lists of attractions. I just bought my copy of this map, and already it is my favorite UP item! Simply the best folding map of the UP I've ever seen, and it's laminated. If you are going to the UP or are a Yooper, holy wah, get this map!
Purchase on Amazon Moon Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Moon Handbooks)
*new* *popular*
by Josh Bishop
"Travel writer and Michigan native Josh Bishop provides an insider’s view of the Upper Peninsula, from Mackinac Island’s horse-drawn carriages and historic Grand Hotel to the dense yet easily accessible Hiawatha National Forest. Josh includes several trip strategies that highlight the region’s unique sights, including a Waterfall Tour and a section devoted to winter activities like skiing and snowmobiling. Bishop also structures the book to guide travelers in a loop around the peninsula, making the information more accessible and easy-to-follow. Whether it’s exploring the miles of trails on the Keweenaw Peninsula or kayaking in Isle Royale National Park, Moon Michigan’s Upper Peninsula provides all the information needed for a more personal and memorable experience." --from the Product Description.
Purchase on AmazonHiking Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Hiking Guide Series)
by Eric Hansen
"Hiking Michigan's Upper Peninsula features fifty of the finest trails Michigan's Upper Peninsula has to offer-from day hikes to overnight adventures. This comprehensive guide will provide all the information you need to get the most out of hiking this breathtaking area. Look inside to find:
  • Hikes suited to every ability
  • Accurate directions to the trailhead
  • Comprehensive trail descriptions
  • GPS-compatible maps
  • Difficulty ratings, trail contacts, fees/permits, best hiking seasons, camping information, and much more"
--from the Product Description.
Purchase on AmazonLake Superior Rock Picker's Guide
by Kevin Gauthier and Bruce Mueller
"This guidebook is for anyone who has walked along a Lake Superior beach, picked up a stone, and wondered, 'What is this?' Bruce Mueller and Kevin Gauthier researched Lake Superior’s entire shoreline to create this thorough and accessible volume. With great detail and helpful illustrations, they describe the kind of rocks you’ll find—including copper, iron, and gold—provide hints for telling the stones apart, and show you the best places to find each stone. Also included are suggestions for handling the stones, including the best polishing methods, and fascinating information on the rocks’ origins. A section of color photographs is included to help with identification." --from the Product Description.
item image You Still Wouldn't Like It Here: A Guide to the Real Upper Peninsula of Michigan, The Sequel
by Lon L. Emerick
item imageLife In A Northern Town: Small places in a big world. Big worlds in small places
by Jack Hart
item imageHunt's Guide to Michigans Upper Peninsula
Mary Hunt
item imageGrowing Up Yooper: Childhood Memories of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Paperback)
by Carol Brisson Zechlin
item imageYou Wouldn't Like it Here -- A Guide to the Real Upper Peninsula of Michigan
by Lon L. Emerick, Sam Satterly
item imageGoing Back to Central: On the Road in Search of the Past in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
by Lon L. Emerick
Tells the history of Cornish copper miners and the Central Mine (near Eagle Harbor in the Keweenaw Peninsula) in the 1800's. Selected as a Michigan Notable Book for 2004 by the Library of Michigan.
item imageThe Superior Peninsula: Seasons in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Lon L. Emerick
A retired university professor explores back roads, beaches, hiking trails, waterfalls, old logging camps, and copper mining ghost towns.
item imageNorthern Flights: Tracking the Birds and Birders of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
by Sheryl De Vore
Tells of the lives of the birds and the people who watch them.
item imageThe Elfin World of Mosses and Liverworts of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Isle Royale
by Janice Glime
Michigan Tech biology professor provides a guide to 123 species of mosses and liverworts in the UP. Over 100 color photographs and layman's descriptions of their ecology and morphology.
item imageNorthern Reflections: A Lighthearted Account of Growing Up North
by Jerry Harju (Editor), Pat Green, Craig MacIntosh
item imageWhatdaya Mean! a Bad Attitude?
by John A. Walker
One of the Tales from a Game Warden books by a retired Michigan Game Warden, John A. Walker of Manistique.
item imageA Deer Gets Revenge
by John A. Walker
Another of the Tales from a Game Warden books.
item imageHome in a Wilderness Fort: Copper Harbor
by Charlotte F. Otten
Historical fiction for young readers. The tale of a young girl who lived in Fort Wilkins in Copper Harbor, Michigan in 1844 while it was being built.
item imageStrangers and Sojourners: A History of Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula (Great Lakes Books)
by Arthur W. Thurner
item imageLumberjack: Inside an Era in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan--50th Anniversary Edition
by William S. Crowe, Lynn McGlothlin Emerick, Ann McGlothlin Weller
Updated edition of a firsthand account of the lumbering era during the white pine boom years of the late 1800's - early 1900's. This edition of the original book has been redesigned and expanded, with 78 historic photographs and illustrations, glossary, editors' notes, author biogrpahy, and map.
item imageCradle to Grave: Life, Work, and Death at the Lake Superior Copper Mines
by Larry Lankton
Covers the technology, economics, labor, and social history of copper mining from the 1840's to the 1960's.
item imageBeyond the Boundaries: Life and Landscape at the Lake Superior Copper Mines, 1840-1875
by Larry Lankton
Covers the settlement of Upper Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, 1840-1875.
item imageTrout Ponds and Lakes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: An Anglers Guide
by Christopher Deubler
Covers the general history and the basics of trout fishing including information on tackle, equipment, and strategies, and a look at the most common food sources the angler will need to imitate. Includes a complete listing of all the Department of Natural Resources designated trout ponds and lakes in the Upper Peninsula
item imageMichigan Atlas & Gazetteer
by Delorme Mapping Company, Delorme
Detailed topographic maps plus gazetteer information on great places to go and things to do. 102 pages of maps, with 120 total pages.
item imageA Face in the Rock: The Tale of a Grand Island Chippewa
by Loren R. Graham, Abigail Rorer (Illustrator)
Winner of the Follo Award of the Michigan Historical Society for its contribution to Michigan history, this book is about the Chippewa Indians on Grand Island and a brave, Powers of the Air, who lived to tell their story.
item imageIsland of Adventure --Tales Of Grand Island
by Marc Weingart
Marc Weingart, a German-American whose mother originates from Saginaw, Michigan, summered for seventeen years on the remote, rustic Northern Michigan island [Grand Island] off the shore of Munising in the Upper Peninsula. In this book, he tells about the tales about the island.
item imageThe Iron Hunter
by Chase S. Osborn
Autobiography of Michigan's 27th governor, Chase Salmon Osborn (1860-1949), who traveled the world, prospected for iron, made his home in Sault Ste Marie, and became governor.
Cold Running River
David N. Cassuto
Fish Michigan: One Hundred Upper Peninsula Lakes
Tom Huggler
Michigan Ghost Towns: Upper Peninsula
R. Dodge
Back Trail; Or, an Upper Peninsula Boyhood
George E. Christensen
True Bear Tales: True Stories from Michigan's Upper Peninsula
David E. Young
Fish Sylvania: A Guide to Fishing the Sylvania Tract in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Russ Warye
Genealogist's Guide to Upper Peninsula Michigan
Victoria Wilson
Landlooker in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
John Longyear
Michigan Gold: Mining in the Upper Peninsula
Daniel R. Fountain
History of gold mining in the UP covering discovery, mining, and phasing out.
My New Friends Were Barefoot: A Story of Growing Up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan During the 1920's
John Gray
Saga of Iron Mining Michigan Upper Peninsula
Burton H. Boyum
Upper Peninsula of Michigan
John S. Penrod
Bloodstoppers and Bearwalkers: Folk Traditions of the Upper Peninsula
Richard Dorson
Flaming brands: fifty years of iron making in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 1848-1898
Kenneth D. LaFayette
Most Superior Land: Life in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Daivd M. Frimodig

UPUpper Peninsula of Michigan Stories

item imageEscanaba in Da Moonlight Filmed in Escanaba... Now on DVD
Continuing the tradition of the tall tale and Jeff Daniels' trademark "dumb" humor, this light-hearted comedy tells the kind of strange story that folks from the north woods have been telling for centuries. An adaptation of a play Daniels had been staging on in his downstate theater, this movie version shows off the UP woods beautifully in many scenes. In amongst the tall tales, there are a few funny jokes. However, the accents of the characters in this movie were not very close to Yooper accents. I'm a native Yooper, and I did not find this movie offensive to me. I think most Yoopers have the healthy ability to laugh at themselves (and actually are often laughing at outsiders' perception of Yoopers). But, some may find that the humor in this movie distasteful or just plain dumb.
item imageEscanaba in Da Moonlight (stage play script)
by Jeff Daniels
item imageHeikki Heikkinen and Other Stories of Upper Peninsula Finns
Lauri Anderson
Profiles of Finlanders in the UP.
item imageMisery Bay and Other Stories from Michigan's Upper Peninsula
by Lauri Anderson
item imageBilly Maki: A Novel
Joseph Damrell
item imageDalva
Jim Harrison
item imageSundog: The Story of an American Foreman, Robert Corvus Strang
Jim Harrison
item imageGift: A Novel of the Upper Peninsula
Joseph Damrell
item imageOne Can Short of a 6 Pack
Da Yoopers
item imageJackpine Savage
Da Yoopers
Tales of the Old U.P.: A Second Northwoods Reader
by Cully Gage
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