The Third Hong Kong Web Symposium
May 7-9, 1997 The University of Hong Kong

Keynote Speech

The Potential and Reality of World Wide Web Publishing

by John December

Publishing on the World Wide Web has been anticipated as an exciting possibility, offering unlimited, global distribution combined with the chance to integrate networked hypertext and multimedia in the expression of ideas. But the reality of Web publishing in the past seven years up to today is one of mixed results. Academic journals use the Web for distribution, yet still face issues of development costs and prestige. Commercial Web publications rarely turn a profit and at the same time face an increasingly congested Web information space. This presentation discusses the myths of Web publishing and analyzes how the use of technology alone isn't the hallmark of successful Web publishing. Instead, what has seemed like a dream--easier and global distribution of publications--really is part of the much older and much more challenging story of human social practice.

Full text of prepared speech

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