The NY Capital Area Microcomputer Society
The Internet Group Meeting
April 15, 1997
The Albany Times Union Building
Albany, New York, USA

Around the World in 50 Minutes

by John December

In this talk, I will summarize the main themes of the four keynote speeches I will be giving over the next month. These speeches focus on a variety of important issues facing Internet users, developers, and publishers.

We'll go to Philadelphia for a talk on the confluence of online technologies and how the Internet is now serving as a common ground for a wide range of information products. Then, we're off to Vienna for a discussion of the challenges of using the Web for a collaborative rating forum--this is part of a European Union initiative to use the Web as a tool for knowledge sharing and collaboration throughout Europe. We'll then go back (halfway around the world) to Hong Kong for a speech on Web Publishing--I'll debunk the myths and outline what I think are the true challenges and potentials. We'll end our talk on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii, in a discussion of the Pacific Region's potential role in new online industries.

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