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Alta Vista (altavista.digital.com)16,000,000 full text pagesWeb + UsenetKeywordAND, OR, NOT, NEAR; title:, url:, host:, link:; Usenet from:, subject:, newsgroups:, summary:, keywords:; * at end of 3+ letter word; Date Rangerelevance
Excite (www.excite.com)1,500,000 full text pagesWeb + Usenet + Reviews + ClassifiedKeyword, Concepts"plain english"confidence, site
Open Text (www.opentext.com)27, 671, 020 hyperlinksWebKeywordphrase, all words, any words; AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, FOLLOWED BY; summary, title, first heading, url; weightedrelevance
NlightN (www.nlightn.com)10,000,000 URLsWeb(Lycos) + hundreds of databases + news + referenceKeywordkeyword, limit/filter, & (and), | (or), ^ (not)database
infoseek guide (guide.infoseek.com)?Web + Usenet + Usenet FAQs + Reviewed pages + topicsKeywordkeyword, phrase, [words within 100 words of each other], +word must occur, -word must not occurrelevance?

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