Introduction to the Web as a Communications System

Presented by John December (
Pre-requisites Knowledge of how to use a personal computer and graphical user interface such as Microsoft Windows.
Scope An overview of Web concepts, software, navigation, searching, information development, and emerging technologies. Implementation techniques and tools will be discussed, but no syntax will be taught.
Abstract The World Wide Web is now a significant player in communications at the global and organizational level. This session guides a Web user, project participant, or administrator through the fundamentals of Web technologies, the nature of the Web as a communications system, and user activities such as searching and information development.

This session presents a comprehensive overview of the technical as well as social and information qualities of the Web as a communications system. You'll learn about the Web as a hypertext system operating according to a client/server model. You'll learn about the major Web clients (browsers) that access multiprotocol, hypermedia, and interactive information by using an addressing scheme. You'll learn about the kinds of information, communication, and community relationships among people that the Web fosters. Throughout the session, you'll gain an appreciation for the characteristics and qualities of the Web as a medium for communication.

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