Web Revenue Models

Presented by John December (john@december.com)
Pre-requisites General knowledge of the World Wide Web as a communications system and how to use a Web browser to retrieve information.
Target Audience Web project managers, Web promoters, Web marketers, team leaders, administrators, and team members.
Scope An overview of the ways that Web publishers can earn money online through associate, affiliate, other programs. Includes a discussion of the practical issues and realistic results possible. Does not cover direct selling of items from a Web site (like a merchant storefront); does not cover technical issues of server setup or online purchasing.
Description People who create content for the Web can gain revenue for their efforts. Web affiliate programs have exploded in recent years as a technique for Web publishers to earn money for referrals or banner advertisements. This course delves into the environment of affiliate, referral, and advertising, and other programs. The stress in the course will be on realistic possibilities and practical results. We'll look at specific programs, see how they work, and examine how to best make use of your Web site as a revenue producer.
Benefits At the end of this session participants will have:
* An understanding of the revenue environment of the Web.
* A set of options for earning money online as a Web publisher or content provider.
* Techniques to make the most of Web revenue programs.

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