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The good news is that you don't have to own a computer to access the Internet or receive electronic mail.

TACTIC: You can access the Internet in a variety of public places.

In each place, you'll need to find out how and when you can use the Internet and follow the rules for that use. You will likely find free access at libraries or government-supported facilities. You will likely have to pay a fee for access at commercial establishments.

Here are likely places you can use the Internet:

  1. Your public library;
  2. A nearby state or public community college or university;
  3. A business that offers Internet access, such as a national chain printing store (for example, Kinko's), or business centers in major hotels, airports, or conference centers;
  4. Your employer (you should NOT expect your email to be private if you use your employer's resources);
  5. An Internet cafe.

From a computer connected to the Internet, you can look up things on the Web and purchase items using a credit card for delivery to your home.

TACTIC: You can get a Web-based electronic mail account to send and receive email.

Here is how to get a Web-based email account:

Using Web-based email, you will be able to send or receive email from any computer with a Web browser and Internet access. This gives you the flexibility to travel around town or the world and get your email wherever you find a public place to access the Internet.

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