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TIP: A business card helps networking.

Prepare your own business card with your name and contact information on it to give to others while networking. You may have a business card as part of your employment. But prepare your own card for personal networking or for growing your own business separate from your present employment.

You can list what you think is necessary on the card--keep it simple. Aside from your name, you could list an email address (see the advice later in this section about getting your own email address), a phone number, and a postal address. You can use a postal mail service for your address (see "Optimize Your Home"). If you have registered a sole proprietor or corporation name, include that. Whatever information you have printed on your card, it should remain stable: 1) so you don't have to print up new cards; and 2) so the acquaintances you made at meetings in the past can contact you; and 3) so that you project a professional, stable image.

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