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CASE STUDY: Denielle is happy with her life as a graduate student, but she wonders what "the real world" is going to be like. If she had $1,000 a week for life for support, she thinks, she'd volunteer to help children at hospitals who are sick. Denielle would rather travel and help people than get married and live in a big house in the suburbs.

She tells this dream to a friend whose sister's ex-husband had served in the Peace Corps for several years. Denielle is able to contact this man, and he is glad to meet and talk with her about what he did. He didn't work directly with children, but he could see how his work helped people in an African village get safe drinking water and a better bus transit system into a nearby city.

Denielle sets new goals in her schoolwork. She contacts the Peace Corps and finds out what kind of classes she can take to prepare herself. She takes a foreign language. She also learns of a mission in Africa that her church operates. She volunteers to go there for two weeks in the summer.

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