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CASE STUDY: Denielle photocopies a map of the city where she lives. She notes that her current apartment is 8 km from campus. She is not near anything that matters to her--in fact, the nearest grocery store is 4 km away. She draws a 1-km circle around campus. In that circle is everything that interests her. She would love to be able to attend concerts at the campus, go to the small downtown coffee shops, and walk along the downtown riverwalks.

She decides to live near campus. All the apartments near campus seem very expensive, and she does not want to get into a group living arrangement with roommates. So she applies for and gets a job as a resident assistant in the dorm at the college. She knows she will live in two different dorms during the academic year. Rather than having unreliable postal mail address and lose mail, she decides to get her own mail service. She knows a store downtown, only a few blocks from campus, that offers a mail and package service. For her personal privacy and security, she makes that her mailing address.

She goes there three times a week to get mail or check for packages, and its convenient location near a coffee shop gives her a chance to get away for a break and see the life of the small town.

As the telephone assigned to her in the dorm is going to change so much, she also gets a voice mailbox.

Her duties as a resident assistant require some of her time (but not much more than the time she spent waiting for and getting rides back and forth from her old apartment). She enjoys working with the students in the dorm to make it a nice place to live. Denielle gets to the plays and campus social events she had always wanted to attend. She's doesn't have much space in her dorm room, but she has very little stuff, and she spends most of her time out enjoying the life of campus and the town.

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