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CASE STUDY: Denielle looks through her possessions in her small bedroom. She goes through her closet and finds clothes she brought to school more than a year ago. A few of the items are worn or torn and she sets them aside for recycling. Almost a third of the clothes she has never worn. She sets those in a box labeled "sell"--she will bring them to the consignment shop where she can get some money for them. She includes the three winter coats she hates. With the in-store credit at the consignment shop, she will buy exactly one winter coat that she loves.

After going through her closet, she clears out her dresser, school stuff, desk, and under her bed. Most of the stuff is junk she hasn't used, and she boxes up what isn't garbage and sets it aside to bring to the Goodwill store.

After four sessions of the clutter triage, she has far less stuff. She feels less cramped in the room. Her stuff could fit in one car load if she wanted to move.

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