Keep SimplifyingKeep Simplifying

by John December. Ideas to continuously reduce the clutter, complexity, and costs of your life.

Introduction I'm revising this ebook. I am revising the ebook, Live Simple, which was published here in the year 2000. I will revise, correct, simplify, and add to that edition. Watch for revisions on the what's new page.

PREFACE: I wrote this ebook based on my experiences.
NOTE: Like any work, this one is biased.
NOTE: Like any work, this one is flawed.
NOTE: This ebook does not constitute professional advice.
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YOUR LIFE Simplify your life
Consider my case
Use this ebook
YOUR STUFF Rule your stuff
· Purge Your Stuff
· Dejunk Your Home
· Stop Incoming Junk
· Manage the Flow
· Take An Inventory
· Organize Your Stuff
· Protect Your Stuff
· Buy Wisely
YOUR HOME Optimize your place
· Choose your region
· Choose your city
· Choose your quarter
· Choose your neighborhood
· Choose your home
· Rent your home
· Set up your home
YOUR ROUTINE Hone your routine
· Take care of your time
· Take care of yourself
· Take care of your money
· Take care of your information
· Be prepared for urban and travel situations
· Be prepared for emergency situations

YOUR DREAM Live your dream
· Find your dream
· Express your dream
· Set aside time for your dream
· Gather resources for your dream
· Gain your dream's benefits
· Be ready for your break
· Enjoy your life!

YOUR RESOURCES Tap into resources
· Participate in support networks
· Develop information networks
· Gain access to the Internet and Web
· Consider very carefully if you need to own a computer
· Choose a stable Internet service provider
· Use Internet resources wisely
· Make your simple logbook
· Ask me questions
· Send your suggestions
· Access Web sites
· Access books

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