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CASE STUDY: Kevin does the clutter triage on the stuff under his bed: old comic books, fast food wrappers, dust, dishes, books, and the left boot of his cross-country ski gear. He first considers the old comic books. He hasn't read them in months and he doesn't really see how they are helping his life. There is one among them--a Spiderman issue from his childhood--that he wants to keep, but the others he decides he'll take to the shop downtown where he knows a reputable dealer who will pay a fair price for them. The food wrappers and dust go to the garbage. The dishes go to the sink. He takes the books back to the public library and pays the $10.29 fine. The cross-country ski boot, he considers for a long time. He does have the rest of the equipment, but he hasn't gone cross-country skiing for two seasons, and he does not expect to go because he didn't enjoy it that much. He thinks he could get $150 for the whole set. He could rent skis for $15 a weekend if he wanted. The $150 cash could give him ten sessions of skiing, if he ever wanted to go. Kevin decides to sell the skis. He makes a small poster advertising the skis for sale and drives across town to his friend's shop, where Kevin places the poster on the bulletin board.

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