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TIP: I have a shopping day.

I started my tradition of shopping day when I used to get my paycheck on Thursdays. After work at 3pm, I went to the bank and then to the grocery store.

I soon found that by deferring any kind of errand or purchase to this same day, I could more efficiently get all the tasks done.

I keep scrap paper and a pen on my kitchen counter so that I can write down any item that I will need or any errand I have to do.

My shopping days have included:

Some of the days were when I was getting rid of the contents of my house before a move. On several Thursdays, I took my more than 500 books to a used bookseller and sold them for a fair price. I donated old household items to a thrift store run by a charity. At the end of the day, I had more money and less stuff--an anti-shopping day!

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