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TIP: Think outside the box.

Don't let stereotypes keep you away from what could be exciting opportunities. Your goal in gathering information about a region is to break through the stereotypes. Not everyone in New York City is sophisticated, nor is everyone in the Midwest a hick. Stereotypes about a region might be easier to believe, but when you live in a region, you won't live in a stereotype. Do your best to discover the truth.

Interested in acting or entertainment? You might automatically think you need to go to Hollywood, California, or New York, New York. But you might be surprised at the many opportunities for new entertainers in Orlando, Florida or Las Vegas, Nevada. As an entertainer, you may get more opportunities for work in places that are less well-known or less crowded.

Love high technology? Silicon valley, California or Boston, Massachusetts are well known, but not the only places for high technology in the United States. Northern Illinois, the Denver area, Seattle, the North Carolina Triangle Area, and other places in the US and world are booming with high-technology opportunities.

Find people who practice in the fields of your interest and ask where the "hot" places for that field are. You might be surprised that many opportunities lie outside the more well-known (and perhaps over-saturated) places.

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