Intro to Unix

Assignment: Output Redirection and Mail

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to execute simple Unix commands with options and arguments, redirect the output of these commands to a file, and mail that file's contents.

The Assignment

For security and administrative reasons, you must use the Unix account supplied to you by the University to prepare and email your assignment--failure to do so will result in your assignment not being graded.

Create a Unix file using output redirection that shows only the standard output (not the commands themselves) of all of these commands in this order:

  1. The output of the pwd command.
  2. The output of the uname command with the -a option.
  3. The output of the cal command for the month of August, 1987.

Email the contents of the file you've created that shows the standard output of all these commands. (Hint: an easy way to do this would be the one-line mail trick.)

Remember, check for a receipt from me to make sure that I received your assignment before you consider the assignment done--remember "It's not complete until you get your receipt!"


Your assignment will be graded according to criteria I set up for this tutorial.

For the content score, each of the 3 commands is 20% of the 60% total. Scoring for each of these 3 commands would get:

You get 2% for attempting each command, giving 20% total content score for each command.

Turning in Your Assignment

Your assignment is due by the time listed on the syllabus. Use these procedures for turning in your assignment. Your assignment will be graded according to criteria I set up for this tutorial.

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