Intro to Unix

These materials have been prepared for a one-credit class. If you are not enrolled in the class, you are welcome to look at and read these lessons for free. You can obtain a free, educational Unix account at: However, I won't grade your assignment or answer questions if you are not officially enrolled.


This course, as all college courses, requires students to assume full responsibility for meeting course requirements.

If you are unwilling or unable to take responsibility for your actions in this course, please drop it.

If you continue in this course, you are bound by and take the consequences of all the course requirements and rules: Syllabus, Ethics, Due Diligence, Turning in Assignments, Grading, and On-Time Policy.

Overview of this Course

The purpose of this course is to give you competency as a beginning user of Unix. You will leave from this course with the ability to use Unix to perform routine file management, electronic mail, file editing, command piping and filtering, file permissions, and customizations. You will also know how to access Unix reference information and help material online so that you can gain more Unix knowledge when you require it.

With these skills, you should be able to accomplish tasks that you might have to do for other courses or your job. In particular, this knowledge will prepare you for courses such as Introduction to Internet and the Web and Creating Web Documents.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will

  1. Perform Unix-related tasks accurately using real-world tools under real-world constraints and pressure (including deadlines) by employing problem-solving, communication, and project-management skills.
  2. Understand how a Unix account works and how to login
  3. Get to the Unix shell
  4. Issue Unix commands
  5. Redirect the output of Unix commands
  6. Send and receive electronic mail and learn its real-world limitations
  7. Manage, list, create, move, delete, and display files and directories
  8. Access online Unix help
  9. Use pipes and filters to process Unix files
  10. Set and display file and directory permissions
  11. See how you could customize your account

Please note that this course is limited in its coverage and scope due to its nature as a one-credit, introductory, undergraduate course open to persons in all majors with no pre-requisites.

What this course is not

What I am assuming about you

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