Intro to Unix


There will be a test on the last class day. You will be given one hour to complete it. This is the only time the test will be given. You will not be given extra time if you arrive after the test starts. No makeup tests or late or early tests will be allowed, excepting highly unusual and unavoidable circumstances that have prior approval from the Dean of the College.

The purpose of the test is to measure your understanding of introductory Unix. The test will cover Unix terms, concepts, commands, and syntax. The level of detail you need to know for Unix command options is limited to what was in the class materials on my Web site, what I covered in class, or what was required by the assignments. You should do well on the test if you did the assignments and understood what you did, listened and participated in class, and studied the online course information.

The format of the test will be multiple choice and true/false answers.

Bring your student identification, or some other official picture identification card to the test, as I will check your ID at the test.

Exactly one sheet of notes allowed

You may bring and use at the test exactly one and only one sheet of notes of a size specified in the next paragraph. Anything can be written on this sheet of notes. These notes can be hand-written, typed, or printed out from a computer file onto paper. You can write on both sides of the paper (but you cannot have two sheets written on just one side -- if you prepare two sheets of paper, tape or glue them permanently and completely back to back).

The sheet of notes can not exceed 8.5 inches by 11 inches (22 cm by 28 cm) in size or shape. You won't be able to use any sheet of notes that does not comply with these specifications. If in doubt, show me your sheet of notes before the day of the test.

You won't be allowed to share your sheet of notes with anyone else while taking the test. It is OK, however, for two or more of you to work together, prepare a sheet of notes, and make copies for each person. In such case, each person must use their own copy of this sheet during the test, and no other sharing of notes can happen.

Preparing this sheet of notes is actually a good exercise--it prompts you to think about what we've covered and summarize it. You can use any material on your notes, such as a Unix reference card, material prepared by someone else, and you certainly can type your notes in a computer file and print it out.

You won't be allowed to use other notes, books, computers, calculators, electronic devices, or any other person to complete the test.

No questions on editor or mail program commands

There will NOT be any application command syntax questions on the test about any text editor (like vi or pico) or any mail reader program (like mail or elm) other than knowing that the Unix commands vi, pico, mail, and elm begin those applications. You won't have to, for example, tell me which key you press in vi command mode to move the cursor up one space.
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