1. Look at THE LIST (www.thelist.com).

    This is best one-stop place for finding information about Internet Service Providers (ISP). Look here for your providers that serves your area (by telephone area code or by geographic region). If you travel, look for providers that serve areas where you travel often.

    From each provider that serves your area, collect this information:

    1. Cost of signup. Is there an up-front fee that you have to pay in order to get service? Most ISPs no longer charge a signup fee, but some still do.

    2. Monthly cost for full PPP/SLIP Internet access. You'll need to have this type of access in order to Web. Typically, this cost is in terms of $/month for a fixed number of hours. Extra hours may cost more.

    3. Cost of Web page hosting. If you want to be a information provider on the Web, you can rent space on your ISP's Web server to place your HTML files.

    4. Cost of domain name hosting. An ISP should be able make it possible for you to have your own domain name, so that your Web pages can be available through https://www.your-domain-name.com/ and your email can go to you@your-domain-name.com instead of through the ISP's domain name.

  2. Estimate your use:

    1. Number of hours of use per month.

    2. Your plans to have your own domain name.

  3. Use this spreadsheet (requires a Java-enabled browser) (or create your own using spreadsheet software); For each potential ISP, enter these amounts in a column:

    1. Row 1: One-time ISP signup costs

    2. Row 2: One-time ISP fee for Domain registration processing

    3. Row 3: Yearly Domain registration fee (to Internic) (leave 0 if you don't plan to do this)

    4. Row 4: Monthly fee for full PPP/SLIP access

    5. Row 5: Monthly free hours included in Row 4 charge

    6. Row 6: Fee per hour over Row 5

    7. Row 7: Your estimate of hours of use
    Column 1 is done as an example.

    Row 9 will show your estimated one-time up-front costs. Row 10 will show your monthly costs (for the first month and every month thereafter, except when your Internic domain registration fee comes due).

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