Intro to Internet/WWW Intro to Internet/WWW

Assignment: Your Net/Web Access

The purpose of this assignment is for you to answer a series of questions about Internet access and Web use. These questions will raise your awareness of how you can access the Internet and the Web and give you some information for meeting your needs.

The Assignment

For security and administrative reasons, you must use the computer account supplied to you by the University to email your assignment--failure to do so will result in your assignment not being graded. UW-Milwaukee students can use

You will answer ten questions about Internet access and use. Vague, non-specific, or incomplete answers will not receive full credit.

To do this assignment, use your campus Web-based email account, start a draft message, copy and paste all the text in this template file into that draft mail message, and then type in your answers to the questions into the mail message. When completed, use these procedures for turning in your assignment.

Notes on Your Answers

In your answers, you must be specific.

In the questions about places for Internet access, be specific about your alternate places for Internet access. Don't just vaguely state, "I can access the Internet at a Net cafe or public library. Instead, specifically identify the names and locations of your places for access. For example state, "I can access the Internet at the Foo County Library, 124 Third Street, Oconowaukee, Wisconsin where I am a member. I also can use the Kool.Dude Net.Cafe, 188 Quark Street, Palahay, Wisconsin."

Be specific in all the information you provide. I won't share your answers to these questions anyone without your permission. If you fail to be specific, you will not receive full credit.

See the Net cafe information about planning for mobile access to the Internet. In Milwaukee, see this list for Net cafes.

Remember, check for a receipt from me to make sure that I received your assignment before you consider the assignment done--remember "It's not complete until you get your receipt!"

Special Grading Notes

60% Content
For each of the ten questions:
20% Syntax and Readability

Turning in Your Assignment

Your assignment is due by the time listed on the syllabus. Use these procedures for turning in your assignment. Your assignment will be graded according to criteria I set up for this tutorial.

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