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The flood of content on the Web brings new challenges to create compelling, useful content. What has happened is that all the folks who have the ability to create content on the Web have really gone at it. There's now so much content that you'd never be able to look at all of it in your lifetime.

The production and distribution systems of the Web--hypermedia and servers--disperse the power over production of content among many individuals. No doubt there are major media conglomerates providing a lot of content on the Web, but with just a limited amount of skills and resources, most people can gain entry into the medium.

The resulting flood of content scatters the attention field of all users of the Web. The attention field of any one user is scattered among many different servers and changing all the time.

Because the Web consists of hypermedia, the content is often highly enmeshed--with hypertext references going from one page to another, Web works often refer to each other and to other parts of themselves. The result is a more fluid environment than what would occur with a reader thumbing through the pages of a magazine. The Web user potentially has the ability to quickly choose another work to experience.

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