We want to help you get any questions you may have about HTML & CGI Unleashed resolved as quickly as possible.

Take a quick look at the errata sheet to see if your problem is resolved there.

If you have any problems with the CD-ROM, please contact a CD-ROM specialist at support@mcp.com.

Check the Question & Answer Forum to see what questions have been asked and answered there.

For missing source code, or requests for online copies, see this directory.

The best response about chapters in the book will come from the author of the chapter about which you have a question. John December (john@december.com) wrote parts I, II, and III (Chapters 1-18). Mark Ginsburg (mark@edgar.stern.nyu.edu) wrote part IV (Chapters 19-25).

Individual chapter authors contributed chapters in part V. They have their names on the separator page for the chapter and their email addresses in the front part of the book or on the author page of this support web.

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