October 25, 1996
Added link to Java Seminar charts.
October 5, 1996
Updated Java Information Sources; updated look and feel of this support web.
June 11, 1996
Updated Java News Tip Sheet; I point users to this instead of the bibliography--I can't keep up with cataloging the online written articles about Java.
May 3, 1996
HotJava is finally out for beta!
May 1, 1996
Added separate Java News page--my goal is to focus on identifying key events and announcements only on the bibliography page--there is so much Java news!
March 8, 1996
More entries on bibliography. More presentation dates on tour. In particular, please let me know if you have any feedback about a presentation I'll be giving in NYC in late March: "Rethinking Intranet Communication with Java." Thanks.
January 23, 1996
JDK 1.0 is now available from Sun.
December 3, 1995
Major updates to Online Bibliography, and Information Sources pages; prepared beta.tar.Z source files for convenient retrieval. Beta conversions all set.
November 21, 1995
I created keywords page to summarize the 1.00 beta keyword set. I converted and compiled EssentialRunner to 1.00 beta.
November 1, 1995
Beta Release of the Java Developers Kit.
October 8, 1995
I re-worked the whole look and feel of the Java (and my other webs).
September 25, 1995
I converted all the source code used in the book to the pre-beta version for Solaris. The alpha version code is still available, also. I started the Beta Update and errata pages.
September 21, 1995
I went to the first Java Day, in New York City. A Java-enabled Netscape navigator browser was demonstrated. Sun will announce Java Objects Environment (JOE) next week. Pre-Beta Java Developers Kit for SPARC Solaris is available.
September 20, 1995
Publication date for Presenting Java.
September 6, 1995
Book introduction available.
August 28, 1995
Added a page for Java Online Information Sources.
August 28, 1995
Java 1.0Alpha3 for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 95 available from Sun.
July 23, 1995
Book support site started for Presenting Java.
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