This page contains a concise listing of typos or factual errors in the book. Naturally, many links in the book will go stale. See individual chapter support pages for updates, or use a spider such as Lycos to locate a page if its URL has changed. Let me know if you notice any other errors; or if any links in the chapter support pages don't work; send a report to

You can use methods described in the book (Part III) for any locating resources that may have moved.

Second edition (1995) errata

Typos and URL updates:
  1. p. 447. under heading "Lycos," replace URL with
  2. p. 453; point 4, second line, replace "do this same search with the terse mode OFF" with "do this same search with the terse mode ON"
  3. p. 463: bottom: replace the URL shown for WebCrawler with
  4. p. 493 replace URL shown for Net find (line 3) with
  5. p. 728, third line from bottom, replace list of CWISs URL to be this:
  6. p. 744: Under the Macmillan USA info superlibrary, the list of imprints should be: "...Que, Que College, Sams, and (this book's imprint)". [or whatever the list of imprints is now]
  7. p. 1058: paragraph 3: URL is missing initial "h":
  8. Appendix A: all references to should be to
  9. Back quick reference card -- update these URLs:
  10. Back cover: Remove the "s" from my magazine's title: it is Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine.

First edition (1994) errata

  1. On page 747 (Chapter 33) the description of body elements shows an H1 declaration and two H2 declarations. The closing H1 marker is lacking the /, which needs to be there.
  2. [Corrected in second printing] The URL for the book support web given in the introduction is incorrect. The host name should be "" (not ""). Of course, if you've found this support web, you already know this; but, if you are teaching a course or providing the book for others, you can pass this information to them. We apologize for the typo, and it is ironic, given the care I advise in the handling of URLs elsewhere in the book. The error involves the transmission of this URL to the printer who had to type it in by hand for the printing. (As I mention in Part III, cut-and-paste methods work best!).

    I hope that readers will be able to locate the URL for this support web using the advice about URLs on page 306. This support web URL is registered with spiders, available through finger, available in other indexes on the Web, and was included with publicity about the book. Of course, I or any of the authors could assist a user in locating it via email. Once again, apologies for this error.

  3. [Corrected in second printing] Page 762: the anchor:

    <A NAME="JUMP-TO-NAME">Something</A>

    Should have "Something" in it. See the chapter support page for more explanation. In fact, view the HTML source for that file itself, as it contains an example of this use from the anchor above.

  4. [Corrected in second printing] CyberWeb mentioned in the book is not sponsored by Charm Net (which is the Internet service provider), but is a project of Alan Richmond. Thanks to him for clearing this up. CyberWeb is a very good resource collection that emerged more prominently and developed more as I was writing about it (and even more since then); for a more stable URL, use the one given in the anchor above for CyberWeb. The URL given on page 1002 is for Charm Net. Use the URL given in the anchor above for the CyberWeb. CyberWeb is now part of CERN's Virtual Library.

First edition typographical errors; thanks to Ana Julia for compiling and sending this in:

* the line count includes FIGURE lines.

Page  Line*  It reads               It should read          
----  ----   ------------------     -----------------         
 27   17     anthropormorphic       anthropomorphic         
172   30     there are two          there are three
342   18     participant            participate
387   19     HMTL                   HTML
423   21     been                   between
427   15     s with a with a p      s with a p
515   11     24.28                  24.29
614    6     26.6                   27.6
618    5     27.10                  27.9
626    3     anyone would           anyone who would
675    2     preceeding             following
676   17     this a                 this is a
693   17     have in                have an
729   22     32.2                   32.3
730   12     32.2                   32.3
736   17     What is does "IT"      What does "IT"
808   15     have an labyrinthine   have a labyrinthine
843   12     its not                it is not or it's not
Thank you!
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