First Comprehensive World Wide Web Book Announced:

1,100-Page Guide Covers Web Tools, Web Exploration and Web Development

INDIANAPOLIS, October 18, 1994 -- Sams Publishing announces the publication of the first comprehensive book on the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web Unleashed, by John December, Neil Randall and a team of Web experts, provides readers with everything they need to master the World Wide Web -- the most dynamic, fastest-growing segment of the Internet today. The book will be available on October 26, 1994.

The World Wide Web Unleashed provides users of all experience levels with an all-in-one guide to the Web's uses, tools and resources. The 1,100-page book covers everything from the basics to the most sophisticated Web exploration and development techniques.

Readers will first learn how to install and use one of the several popular Web browsers -- software tools like Lynx, Mosaic, MacWeb and Cello. Then they'll be instructed on how to effectively browse and navigate the Web, using its search tools to find and retrieve the information they need. The book's readers will also be taken on a guided tour of the most interesting Web sites from around globe, and they'll learn how to build their own Web sites, designing and creating new Web pages with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The book then wraps up with a section that explores current issues surrounding the World Wide Web, while speculating on where the Web is headed.

The book's two lead authors, John December and Neil Randall, are well-known on the Internet and the World Wide Web. December is known for his list of information sources about the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication. Neil Randall is the author of Teach Yourself the Internet: Around the World in 21 Days, also from Sams Publishing. Other contributors include Thomas Boutell, maintainer of the WWW FAQ, Andrew Dinsdale, Laura Lemay, Carrie Pascal and David Woolley.

Sams Publishing's "Unleashed" books are comprehensive tutorial and reference guides for intermediate- and advanced-level users. Written by teams of experts, these books provide the most up-to-date information on the latest technologies. Each book is divided into sections, allowing the most qualified person to write the most timely and technically accurate information on a particular subject.

The World Wide Web Unleashed, the latest in the "Unleashed" series, is the first title in a complete lineup of World Wide Web-oriented books from Sams Publishing. Plug-N-Play Mosaic, an instant-install kit for Windows users, will be published in November, and Teach Yourself HTML Web Publishing in a Week will follow in December.

Book Information             Ordering Information
================             ====================
The World Wide Web Unleashed Sams Publishing	
John December & Neil Randall 201 West 103rd Street
$35.00 USA                   Indianapolis, IN 46290
ISBN:  0-672-30617-4         1-800-428-5331
1,100 pages                  (317-581-3500)

More information about the book and its authors is also available on the World Wide Web at the URL

Media Contact: Christopher Bias, Macmillan Computer Publishing, (317) 581-3575

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